Engaging with the community and stakeholders regarding a proposed redevelopment in Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour.

Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour is a world famous operational harbour, as well as a tourism and hospitality hub. Lot 2023 Mews Road (38 Mews Rd) is currently used as a boat lifting, maintenance, stacking and storage facility and is located adjacent to Little Creatures. The study area also includes the car parking area at Sardine Wharf which is next to the boat lifting facility.

38 Mews Road is currently inaccessible to the community and the project will investigate opportunities to create a vibrant mixed-use destination that better connects the site with the waterfront, neighbouring hospitality businesses and other land uses in the Harbour.

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Coming Up

We’re opening the doors for members of the community and key stakeholders to share their ideas for the site through a series of events and activities during each project phase.


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Harbour Connect is an engagement initiative exploring opportunities for the redevelopment of the study area to better:

community with the Harbour waterfront

with and celebrate the Harbour’s unique heritage

with and support neighbouring businesses and Fremantle’s creative commerce

a range of accommodation offerings with the harbour

tourists and locals with great places, spaces (and each other) in the Harbour

charter boats and pleasure craft with the harbour

the harbour with local transport networks

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