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We have officially kicked off community engagement to inform the potential redevelopment of 38 Mews Rd and possibly Sardine Wharf. This community engagement process will help the project team understand how redevelopment of the study area could help to add to the social and economic fabric of Fremantle and enhance the community’s access to more of Fishing Boat Harbour’s waterfront.

38 Mews Rd is not currently accessible to the public and occupies a key waterfront location next to Little Creatures in Fishing Boat Harbour. The project team intend that the future redevelopment will create a number of new land uses (including both public and private uses) that will add to the vitality of the Harbour precinct and the broader Fremantle area. Importantly, these new uses will reflect the history of the Harbour and complement its continuing operation. The boat lifting facility provides an important service to boats within the harbour. As part of any redevelopment, the facility will be relocated and continue to operate.

The project team will be engaging with members of the public and representatives of key government, community and business organisations. In addition to the Community Survey (active in September 2019, at the time of writing) other opportunities to provide your feedback over the coming months will include:

  • Design principle focus groups
  • Community design workshops
  • Open days

The Harbour Connect website is the best place to find information about the project, and we’ll be updating the News page as the engagement process progresses – make sure to subscribe! Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback as part of Harbour Connect.